About Us

“My wish is to create many more smiles and colourful moments for as long as my art lives”


The Story Behind Nevice

My name is Naima. I am the fashion designer and the creator of the brand Nevice.

I was born and raised in Tanzania, East Africa. Growing up in Tanzania, I must admit the beautiful nature, warm and colourful lifestyle … and not to forget the calming sound of the Indian ocean, had put my art into motion.

I fell in love with fashion at a tender age and I knew that’s where my passion belonged.

I put my art into drawings and paper scraps, and sometimes worked hand in hand with a nearby seamstress to make myself a dress for a school party or a family event which by then was the only platform to showcase my art.

I spent most of my time learning sewing, illustration and other necessary techniques until I bought my first sewing machine and my dream was evolving to reality. I started making special clothes for myself, friends and family. My art grew through a word of mouth and started taking in clients. This speedy growth was overwhelming.

I opened my first atelier in March 2014 in Dar es salaam and the brand Nevice was brought into life. I started my fashion brand with minimal resources but armed with a lot of passion and a creative mind. I made clothes for individual clients and corporate clients, such as hotels, hospitals and schools.
Seeing people happy when wearing my designs has been my greatest achievement. I believe fashion is not just the garments we create, but the impact this art has on the people who are creating them and the ones who are wearing them.

My wish is to create many more smiles and colourful moments for as long as my art lives.

My designs are inspired by nature, cultural experiences and lifestyles of different societies. These are my secret ingredients of versatility. I collect moments and stories when I travel and in my day to day interactions with people. These moments and stories are what I transform into garments.

I am a strong advocate of sustainable fashion. I believe in the future and I want to be part of its creation. As I present my work to the world it is important to me that the ecological and ethical values are abided. Fashion is more meaningful and desirable when the people consuming it are happy and the environment around us is well protected.

Ethics & Values

Respect & Dignity

We believe everybody in our supply chain should be treated with respect and dignity. Each person should earn a fair wage and be recognized and valued equally.

Social Standards

We aim to build modern and resilient supply chains that provide desirable jobs, foster people’s skills, strengthen worker’s voices and advocate for vulnerable groups.


We source our fabrics and materials through a carefully selected network of certified suppliers.

Our History

The evolution of Nevice

Nevice was founded in Dar es salaam, Tanzania. Inside a small workshop and with a small team, Nevice was able to serve both individual and corporate clients such as hotels, hospitals, schools etc.

Nevice was nominated to participate in The Solomon Mahlangu Freedom College (SOMAFCO) Trust, a South African youth development organisation which brings together young and exceptional entrepreneurs to inspire, nurture and promote talents. This event was held in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Nevice was featured at the Africa’s Top Models Exhibition at the Museum of Ethnology in Hamburg, Germany. This project was meant to unveil the African beauty through its fashion and how it is perceived in the global world. Nevice is proud to impact the cultural integration through its beautiful designs and to have represented East African modern fashion during this one year lasting exhibition.

End of 2016, Nevice had relocated to Hannover, Germany and started operating as an African inspired fashion brand. Most of the designs were made from the East African fabric commonly known as kitenge.

Nevice showcased at the Africa Fashion Week London (AFWL), which was held at the Freemasons’ Hall in London City. AFWL is Europe’s largest fashion event promoting and nurturing African-inspired designers. This platform has showcased over 800 emerging designers & exhibitors from Africa, Europe and America.

Nevice participated in the Global Sustainable Fashion Week (GSFW) in Budapest, Hungary. The event was focusing on bringing awareness and demonstrating sustainability in the fashion industry, as fashion is one of the most toxic industries through environmental pollution and human labour exploitation. GSFW 4th was escorted by seminars from various speakers and ended by a fashion show that was held at the Italian Cultural Institute in Budapest.

In early 2021, Nevice relocated from Hannover, Germany to Paris, France where the brand is based up to date with a workshop in the 12th arrondissement. The arrival in the capital of fashion had stimulated Nevice to do bigger and better. The brand set more focus into sustainability and started creating their own patterns. Nevice ventured into the use of organic materials and worked with certified manufactures.