2020 was a sweet and sour year, a year with mixed feelings. We had our happy moments and of course the pandemic hit us so hard from then. We lost people and hopes fighting the pandemic, we are grateful for the frontline fighters and every single individual who took the initiative to protect one another. Now we are slowly getting out of it, we do hope for a full recovery as we get back to how life looked like before the pandemic.

But again, in the middle of all that, beautiful things happened and we can’t ignore them as they have projected growth and moved us from one step to another.

In October 2020 we (NEVICE) were nominated among the Top Ten finalist of ETSY design awards in the category fashion. ETSY is the biggest market platform for handmade products and creative work, with 4 million creatives around the world and more than 60 million buyers globally. Our famous green Memo Overalls got us on this top list of creatives which was individually picked by the American actress Drew Barrymore and Etsy trend specialist Dayna Isom Johnson. Memo Overalls was an eye-catching piece of garment with beautiful African patterns and colours and yet stands out as a casual and street style wear.

This nomination has facilitated our growth in a very positive and big way. Our shop on Etsy became popular among the buyers and our brand was able to meet a bigger audience that became part of our family in one way or another. We were also featured on the newspaper of Hannover in Germany (HAZ - Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung). We got a visit from the newspaper's journalists who were eager to know our history, where we started and how we finally ended up among the top finalists of Etsy design awards. It was a great experience; the chitchat was fun. This article was a stepping stone to our German audience. Many people who didn’t know Nevice as a brand were now aware of it and had supported us in every way possible. We are very thankful to Etsy representatives in Germany who organised this amazing interview and the journalists of HAZ who made our story extra beautiful to their readers.

Interview with German newspaper HAZ.

With that and many beautiful things that happened to us, despite the pandemic, we are very grateful and thankful. We are happy to have received new members to our family (new audience), happier to keep the old ones and open the doors to many more. We are looking forward to a bright day ahead as we are fighting the pandemic. Stay safe, protect one another and we are sending you a lot of love.


Nevice Team 😘


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