September 2019 I visited Morocco for holiday reasons … meaning it was a personal trip and had nothing to do with business. I (Naima) visited a couple of cities and Marrakesh was one of them. I was staying in a beautiful Riad (Riads are traditional Moroccan mansions, well decorated and often used as hotels or guest houses) located in the heart of Marrakesh – this area is an old town also known as Madina.

The Old Town represents the busiest part of Marrakesh, surrounded by trade men and souks (markets). From my hotel to anywhere else I had to pass through one souk at least. At the nearest souk that was full of craftsmen and artisans who were making and selling several stuffs such as leather goods, baskets, home décor, clay pots and traditional clothes. I met Brahim, a leather expert who has a small workshop at the market and his work was amazing.

I was just there to buy some beautiful leather sandals and souvenirs for friends and family. The more time I spent at Brahim’s workshop, I spent it admiring the leather work and even thought of the possibility of working together. I thought of combining the East and the Northern African culture by making leather bags with a colourful kitenge interior. I presented my ideas to Brahim and he loved it and we didn’t waste much time until our collaboration started.

Brahim in his leather workshop, presenting one of our leather bags.

We created beautiful leather tote bags that are perfect for ladies’ daily  outings and activities. The tote bags have an inside pocket for keeping small stuffs such as keys, coins and accessories as well as a safety button. It’s a suitable accessory for office days, university and daily errands. I would recommend this bag due to its durability (100% leather) and the simple design that cannot distract your outfit.

The office leather bag that is unisex (for both men and women) and elegant from its design is made to accommodate official accessories such as laptops, tablets, documents etc. This is as well made of genuine leather and kitenge interior (soft fabric inside), it has multiple rooms/ pockets enough to separate your stuffs as packed in. It’s a beautiful bag for daily uses at work, university and other activities. As well the colours are natural leather and designs that does not distract your outfit.

In this leather collection we also have braided waist belts. These are very flexible belts and size adjustable. They are made in natural brown colour and black.

Our colourful cases are also made of genuine leather and dyed in natural colours with a kitenge interior. Suitable for storing/ keeping glasses or a face mask, especially during the pandemic.

Last but not least, we have a range of business card cases that safely store your business cards in a colorful case that stands out.

All our leather accessories are available online in our shop.

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